A Rising Hope

The Victorious Return to Fallcrest

Trouble in Paradise

The PCs return to Fallcrest and are met at the Blue Moon by a crowd of thankful merchants and farmers. They return the special package to Teldorthan and he offers them special wares in the future. The good news reaches Nimozaran and he gladly offers to teach Alfar and Nympharia a few rituals as well as use of his teleportation circle (should they find another location to teleport to, of course). The Lord Warden himself rewards the PCs with gold and praise. The PCs tell stories of their adventures all through the night and eventually retire at Nentir Inn.

After a few days of rest, the night before the PCs decide to set off, a commotion grips the nearby guards. Word spreads of an attack on the Lord Warden in his bedchambers. The PCs rush to the Moonstone Keep to find it closed off for investigation. They are sent away by a distressed captain of the guard and make their way back to Nentir Inn to discuss current matters. While there, they speak to Serim who seems oddly calm about the entire situation. Just then, a messenger from the keep sends a message to the PCs, beckoning them to return with him to Moonstone Keep. Upon reaching the keep, the PCs are escorted to a grand meeting room where Lady Markelhay awaits their company. With a stern demeanor, she informs the PCs that the Lord Warden was attacked and kidnapped in his bedchambers. The guards that survived the attack tell accounts of a large snake dragging the Lord Warden down and away into the Tombwood. The local city-folk claim that the Tombwood is a haunted forest at the base of the cliffs upon which the Moonstone Keep sits atop. She pleads the PCs to return her husband safely. She offers an important family treasure as a reward for his return.


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