A Rising Hope

The Breakers of Chains

The Horned Hold

Through the valiant acts of a few brave heroes, the various slaves of Riverdown, Fallcrest, and Solanthus have been liberated and the evil Grimmerzhul Clan driven from the Horned Hold back to the recesses of the Underdark!

Stories of our heroes’ exploits spread like wildfire through many a tavern and inn throughout the Seven Pillared Hall. Bards regale crowded bars with tales of how Theograden the Stout held a door against a mighty ogre, of how Haki the Brave was able to split an arrow in two while on the run, of how Xaerun the Bold is wont to conjure pillars of flame at a mere suggestion, and of Nympharia the Merciful, Breaker of Chains, and apparently, a purveyor of a wildly successful orphanage back in the barony of Harkenwold.

But alas, there is little rest for these heroes of Winterfell and their new fiery companion. Ulric Markelhay, healed from his ordeal, is ready to travel home to his father. The peoples of Riverdown need an escort home to Harkenwold. Caleb, the elderly barkeep from Solanthus, seeks to discover the fate of his family.


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