A Rising Hope

Such a rude welcoming...

Caravan Raid

The party stands scattered at the edge of the clearing, the heat from the wrecked wagon radiating towards them. The day’s heat is already fading as night approaches. The small, lizard-like creatures stare at each of them then snarl and hiss, waving their spears madly in the air. Then the little creatures charge!

Nympharia and Alfar take the brunt of the attack, but they manage to keep the little beasts at bay. Haki and Munbar rush towards the pair and drive the creatures back, dealing vicious blows with both longswords and great axe. The two fight like a single unit, showing years of familiarity and training. Alfar is able to regain some ground and moves to find space to cast his spells. At once, he lets loose an onslaught of magic at the dwindling number of assailants.

They witness their comrades fall one by one, and soon enough, the remaining little creatures panic. They lose all sense of order and begin to flee in random directions. The adventurers are not about to let these raiders go free and are able chase them down. As Munbar rids the clearing of the last of the reptilian humanoids, the party is able to catch their breath and examine the area more closely. Haki notices the tracks of what appears to have been another wagon. It must have been taken during the attack. Haki follows the tracks to the edge of the clearing where they disappear into the forest. He notes the direction that it is heading but chooses not to follow. It would be a better idea to reach Fallcrest before nightfall.

Meanwhile, Nympharia checks on the caravan guard, but it is too late. As she moves away from the wreck, she offers a shy thank you to the strangers, and the dwarf is immediately smitten. He attempts to charm the young girl, but she kindly declines and hurries off towards town. Munbar hurries to pursue her. Haki surveys the area once more, nods to the Eladrin wizard, then goes off to join his companion. Alfar is still a bit wary of these strangers, and so he hangs back a short distance.

Within an hour, the adventurers start to pass farms and scattered homes, and soon, they arrive at the gates of Fallcrest.


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