A Rising Hope

An Audience with the Lord Warden


Munbar, Nympharia, and Haki travel into Fallcrest and ask the guards at the city gate for directions to the nearest pub. They are directed to the Blue Moon Alehouse where they encounter some of the notable city-folk. While there, they discover that the local blacksmith, Teldorthan, was expecting the arrival of a caravan. The PCs relay the bad news of the raid and are informed of a special package that was stolen from the caravan.

Alfar, on the other hand, has made his way into Fallcrest and headed directly to the reputed Silver Unicorn Inn. He uses his prestidigitation on the innkeeper, Wisara, and is able to sneak into one of the vacant rooms above to rest. After Munbar, Haki, and Nympharia enjoy their supper at the Blue Moon, they make their way to meet the Lord Warden in Moonstone Keep. They inform him of the kobold attack on the caravan and are soon enlisted by the Lord Warden to rid Fallcrest of the kobold menace. He directs them to Kobold Hall. He offers the Nentir Inn for their night’s rest.

The three arrive at Nentir Inn and are greeted by Erandil Zemoar, the innkeep of Nentir Inn. After receiving the keys to their rooms, they exchange a few words with Serim Selduzar in the taproom, a peculiar Tiefling, before retiring for the night. Before leaving town, the PCs are requested my Teldorthan to retrieve his special package as well. He offers his wares at a discounted price in order to help them prepare for their journey.

Meanwhile, Alfar is caught on his way out by Wisara but manages to distract her while he rushes out. Outside, he runs into the others and formally declares his intention to join them. Lord Warden Markelhay sees the PCs off as they head to Kobold Hall.


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